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Shipping schedule

Shipping schedule

In principle we ship orders at the beginning of the week in 2017 and 2018. This is to ensure that in most cases you’ll receive your orders before the weekend. Occasionally it does occur that we are unable to ship your plants at the beginning of the week, for example due to an international plant show, unforeseen weather such as extreme cold. In that case you will be notified immediately.
Week Date Shippingdate Comments Postal
50 11 december shipping will be 14th if weather is ok only of weather is ok
51 18 shipping will be 18th of weather is ok shipping will be 18th if weather is ok
52 25 no shipping this no shipping holiday
1 January 2nd 2018 no shipping due to holiday no shipping holiday
2 January 9th 2018 No shipping due to holiday no shipping holiday
3 January 16th  2018 shipping 17th if weather is ok shipping if weather is ok
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